The 20th International EU Grant Academy©

During this 5-day training you will get the essential knowledge and skills you need to successfully manage the process of obtaining grant funding for research and innovation in your organisation.

The training will cover Horizon 2020 and other programmes of the new EU financial perspective: COSME, ERASMUS+, EUREKA, EUROSTARS. You will learn from the experts, who will share with you not only the essential theoretical basis but also their practical experience, based on different real-life situations. You will get to look at and understand European grant funding from different perspectives, from that of a potential applicant to that of a project technical and financial auditor.

This will be the 20th EU Grant Academy© since 2008, organised by RR & CO. Knowledge Centre Ltd. in EU and Balkan states. Some of the topics included in this year’s programme are:

  • Identification of the new opportunities for grant funding within Horizon 2020 and other programmes
  • Establishment of cooperation between research organisations and industry – creating a strong consortium
  • Focus on scientific excellence, impact, project budget and implementation – proving to evaluators your project is worth funding
  • Efficient project management
  • Preparation of the project budget
  • Recording costs and time spent on the project
  • IT support for managing all the project of your organisation – for centralised, decentralised, mixed, national and local programmes
  • Negotiations with the European Commission
  • Periodic reporting and the final report – complying with the rules
  • Preparation for audit control

Besides the lectures, the exercises and the lively in class discussions, you will be able to enjoy organised networking activities and experience the hospitality of the famous Slovenian sea-side region. Your new contacts established with other participants during this international event will be of a great value to you and your organisation when starting future international project partnerships.

The event is specifically targeted at:

  • Researchers
  • Research and innovation managers
  • Project managers
  • Project administrators
  • Proposal writers
  • Support staff involved in international cooperation
  • Current and future Project coordinators
  • Consultants
  • Managers
  • CEOs from SMEs

The event is the most suited for the following organisations:

  • Large companies interested in obtaining EU funds for international projects
  • SMEs with research capabilities
  • Universities / Faculties
  • Research Institutions
  • NGOs
  • Public Administration
  • Regional Development Agencies
  • Any other legal entity or natural person interested in the topic of grant funding


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