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Mojca Dušica ZajcMojca Dušica Zajc, Ph.D., is Director of consulting and knowledge transfer at RR & CO., and a senior consultant with over 12 years of experience. Her Ph.D. focuses on opportunities and challenges of cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and public research organizations with the focus on innovative capacities of SMEs. She successfully consults companies and research organisation on the topic of grant funding for research, development and innovation through centralized and decentralized programmes. She has been an administrative and financial coordinator in several projects. Mojca is an expert in the field of analysis of implementation of programme evaluations; she is an experienced evaluator of project proposals for the Slovenian Technology Agency and for the cross-border cooperation programme. She also performed financial control of Research and Investment projects financed by SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency, and European Fund for Regional Development. She is the author or co-author of several books and articles. She led various workshops and held numerous lectures related to the preparation and implementation of grant funded projects and lectured at practical trainings (in the duration of over 100 hours) in different EU member states and West Balkan Countries. She is the co-author of the EU Grant Academy© handbooks.

Damjan StrunaDamjan Struna, M.Sc., is an experienced consultant who has been with RR & CO. since 2006, after he obtained his master’s degree in International Economics from University of Ljubljana. He has extensive working experience in the preparation of project proposals in FP6, FP7, EUREKA and EUROSTARS programmes and Structural funds, development of logical framework and implementation of many successful national and international RTDI projects. He is an expert consultant for SMEs, with years of experience in evaluating project proposals and performing quality control of proposals. He is an evaluator at SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency, and is experienced in performing financial controls of Structural Funds projects. Damjan is well known to the audience in the EU and Western Balkans, where he has held a number of lectures, seminars and workshops on topics related to grant funding including practical trainings in duration of over 100 hours. He is the co-author of the EU Grant Academy© handbooks and has published a number of articles on EU grant funding in different regionally recognized professional magazines.

Robertina GjokaRobertina Gjoka, holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics and works in the Head office of our company since 2008. She has been involved in the preparation of TEMPUS and FP7 project proposals and supports our international team of administrative-financial consultants of FP7 projects. She has extended experience with introducing and implementing the IT application EFAMT®, as well as, carrying out start-up training for its users. She has already carried out start up trainings and implemented EFAMT® for several FP7 projects consortia and has introduced EFAMT® to several organizations which use the system to monitor and manage all their projects, regardless of the sources of financing used. In the past few years, she has provided administrative and technical support to over 300 users and to over 50 partners, in different organizations, using EFAMT®. Robertina also coordinates and provides mentorship to the international students that are engaged in different research work, mainly within the department of Consulting and Transfer of Knowledge. She facilitates the communication between different departments of our company and coordinates the activities between our clients and our staff. In 2013, she lectured at the forum of the Association of Project Managers of Slovenia on the topic of “Management of International Projects with specialized cloud based IT tool: cases of good practice” and was co-author of several articles. Robertina has been the technical coordinator of the EU Grant Academy© for the last three years and is part of the core sales team of our company.

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